Peter Piper Pet Doors offers home evaluations for you if you are uncertain about what pet door to use and where is the best place to install. Once an appointment is made I will come to your house and review all possible options and evaluate any special needs your pet has and provide a written evaluation and cost estimate with our recommendations. 



All replacement doors are custom made, and an in-home consultation is required. The door that is to be replaced will need to be measured, we will also go over your pet and see what size door fits them best. At the time of theconsultation, We will go over the type of doors and glass options we offer. 

After the consultation, we will provide a written cost estimate. A deposit will be needed for any door replacements.


Dallas, Texas

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Tell us about your pet!

Describe your pet, door, and where in your home you would like a pet door and we will create a custom quote!

We realize that we are asking you to provide us information about you and your pet. We promise to:
NEVER sell or disperse your information.
Use this information solely to estimate and quote your pet door project.
Keep your information private.


If you feel more comfortable, give us a call!

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday: As needed

We cater to your needs and will schedule times that are convenient for you.

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