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In glass models utilizing Hale, Security Boss or Endura Flap components, we can offer you security and efficiency in an attractive package. Our in glass pet doors will replace your current glass with a modular glass system with a pet door built in. It will feature an Endura Flap door with a 15 year warranty, the best in the industry. The process is two part: The first part includes coming out to your home to measure the glass. In most cases that means removal of the door, glazing bead, measuring glass, then replacing everything.

Utilizing your glass measurements, we have the new glass pet door system made, remove old glass, glaze new glass and bead, and place door back on track/hinge. There you have it! A new professionally installed in glass pet door.

Pet Doors can also be lowered. If your pet is either not large or nimble enough to get out of a pet door that is the same height as your doors glass, we can cut out a section of the door itself for the pet door, then place glass around the newly installed pet door. 

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