In Glass Pet Doors

In glass pet doors are the most expensive option. The glass in your door is tempered and can not be cut. We replace your glass with glass that is cut for a dog door to be installed. We use Hale pet doors and also offer the Security Boss pet door   (Sb model) as a cheaper option. The Hale pet door comes with a 5 year warranty, all metal construction, dual flaps and a security panel that slides in place and locks. The Sb model has just one flap, 1 year warranty and a security panel that slides in place. Most doors have a plastic frame that holds the glass in place or have trim that is flush mounted that is removed to access glass. 


Price list

Standard glass sizes, double pane (20x64,22x64,20x80,22x80)


Hale Pet Door

Small Medium- 900.00

Medium- 945.00

Tall Medium- 995.00

Large- 1030.00

Tall Large- 1095.00

Tall Large Plus-1150.00

Extra Tall Large-1200.00

Extra Large- 1140.00

Extra Large Plus-1225.00


Security Boss Pet Door (Sb Model)


Medium- 775.00

Large- 800.00


The pet doors can be lowered into the door ( See Picture )

The glass sits 8"-10" from ground to bottom of glass in door, this makes it difficult for smaller dogs to get in and out of pet door. We lower pet door into the door so it sits at a height for your pet to use. This procedure is 75.00 added to price of pet door and glass.