"The pet doors I choose to sell and install are the best pet doors on the market. Hale Pet Doors beat the competition hands down."

         -Gary Underwood

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Can install pet doors in: 


Glass doors



Windows and sliding doors

Remove pre-existing pet door

Install pet door already purchased


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Give your pet freedom

With the ever changing weather here in the DFW, and the ever long traffic here, it is hard to make it home on time or plan for your dogs' welfare for the day. With a pet door installed in your home it can give you and your pet freedom to get out of the house when they need.

Installation & Repair

Here For You and your pet needs

As a qualified Hale Pet Door dealer, I can sell you and install a Hale pet door in your home. With the high quality pet door installed, you will save on energy bills because your pet's door with the double seal is more efficient than the standard size door. We can install a pet door that you have already purchased, sell you a new one and even help you figuring out which door you need based on your pet's size, housing type and where you would like the door installed. 

If you need a pet door removed because of a move we can remove the pet door, repair the opening if in a wall, if needing drywall repair, paint, texture, bricks or siding replaced. If the pet door is in a door we can replace the door. Give us a call and we can schedule a free consultation on your specific pet door need.  

On the repair side we can repair and order parts for most makes and models. 

Give us a call and we will more than happy to assist you in any pet door needs. 

Pet Doors and more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hale Pet Doors are available in 4 colors of frames and 12 sizes and with the options they offer you are sure to get the right door for your pet. There is a door offered for every area of your home. The doors can be mounted in exterior or interior walls, doors, screens, and more. The pet doors can even be installed in glass. 


Dog doors for every door

  • Steel exterior Doors

  • Solid and hollow core doors

  • Raised panel doors- metal or wood

  • Multi-Lite or True French Doors

  • ​Fiberglass Doors​


Hale offers a Screen Pet Door, these doors can be installed in

  • Screen Doors

  • Screen Porches

  • Pool Enclosures​

Hale offers an industry leading Wall Pet Door.

  • Wherever your walls are made of block or brick or a traditional frame, we can install a pet door.

  • Hale pet doors are the most efficient because of the air gap between the inside and outside flaps. The aluminum tunnel creates a seamless gap through your wall for your pet's safety and to prevent water intrusion. The tunnels are cut to an exact thickness of your wall and can be custom ordered to fit your exact needs.

  • Carpet covers the metal for insulation and protects your pet's paws from the metal and screws that attach it to your home. ​


Hale also offers glass pet doors for your sliding patio door, and a pet door for special situation​s.

  • You can have an in-glass pet door. The existing glass in a sliding door is tempered glass. Tempered glass cannot be cut so the existing glass will be replaced with glass that has been cut for the pet door then tempered. The door can be easily removed with the glass and can install the original glass making it the most reversible installation. 

  • Hale Pet Doors offers window pet doors that are specifically made for a window opening. Some of the models can be easily removed for occasional use. The size of the pet door is limited to the size of the opening. This option is a great solution for cats and dogs if the window is close to the floor and the opening is large enough for a pet door for the dog to use. As you can see there are a lot of options and we are here to help. Give us a call or send us a message to set up a free consultation. You can also look on www.halepetdoor.com.