Peter Piper Pet Doors specializes in the installation and sales of pet doors in the DFW area. We offer the following services: 


Pet Door Sales: We are an authorized dealer for Hale Pet Door we also can provide other doors at request of the customer. 


Pet Door Installations:  We can install a pet door through a wall, door, glass and other surfaces.


Replacement Doors: We offer replacement doors that come with a pet door installed. These doors are specifically designed for your home and your pets needs. 

Consultation Service:  If you need help on the type of door to purchase or where to place, we are here to help. GIve us a call or send an email and we will help your needs and recommend the ideal solution for you. 


Why a pet door?

A pet door gives your pet the freedom of going outside whenever they need, particularly with the ever-changing weather here in the DFW. Sometimes it is hard to make it home on time or plan for your dogs' welfare for the day. With a pet door installed in your home, it can give you and your pet freedom to get out of the house when they need.


Why Hale Pet Doors?

Get the Doggy Door with the Most Comprehensive Warranty


Hale Pet Doors come with a 5 Year Warranty that includes the flaps! Because the flaps are the ‘moving parts’ of the pet door, they are the parts that are most likely to wear out. Other pet door companies will not guarantee their flaps – in fact, most recommend that you replace them yearly at your cost.

Hale Pet Door will replace all parts of their dog doors during the first year at no cost to you. During the second through fifth year, the flaps are pro-rated.


Many of our customers have their Hale Pet Doors for years before they replace the flaps. Because we’ve been making dog doors since 1985, you can buy with confidence – knowing you can get replacement parts.


Hale Pet Doors Fit Like They were Made for Your Home

Every Hale Pet Door installation is sleek and elegant – no bulky frames sticking out from your wall. Just a flush fit that you’ll be proud to own. Whether you have your dog door installed in your door, wall, screen or in a glass, you’ll be pleased with its appearance.

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